SOGI stands for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. It's the political rebranding of LGBTQ2S++ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirited, and whatever else an individual wants to call themselves.

SOGI is a sectarian political agenda that uses coercive psychological techniques to sexualize children and alter a child's natural gifts and characteristics inherited at birth.

SOGI is designed to program children to dissociate from being "boys and girls" male or female and reprogram them to embrace "gender fluidity, free from a heteronormative society."

SOGI recruitment started In the fall of 2016, recruitment of school administrators, teachers, and support workers, aided by the BCTF, began. These "recruitments" were trained to be "SOGI LEADS."    Some BC school districts held SOGI 123 indoctrination workshops, and other training sessions were held during the SOGI Summit in Richmond and other venues.

SOGI Leads, once trained, are empowered to mastermind implementation of the SOGI sex activist's political agenda in their school district without parental knowledge or even School Trustee approval.

SOGI leads recruit within their own School district. These leads rely on faulty statistics, emotional grabs, and bully tactics into deceiving, recruiting, and pushing the SOGI agenda onto your child's teacher and into the "program".

SOGI lessons plans have been created by sex activists, not mental health professionals or child psychologists.

"Lesson Plans" have been created for ALL grade levels. Teachers are told or will be told; they must incorporate SOGI into their lessons.

SOGI 123 lesson plans strategically attack a child's innate sense of self; it dismantles the reality of being male or female and every child having a mother and father.

SOGI deconstructs healthy and safe family structures reality for most children by having them imagine what it would be like to have two moms or two dads. (This example is taken from SOGI 123 lesson plan for Kindergarten and Grade One.)

SOGI lessons plans indoctrinate 6-year-olds with a new definition of "sexism." Sexism now relates to the "social conditioning" of what it is to be male or female.

SOGI Lesson Plan: Gender Identity, Media & Stereotypes targets ten year old. According to SOGI 123, "This lesson plan uses the term biological sex (which is assigned at birth based on external characteristics) and is sometimes different from gender identity (which is someone's personal sense of being a girl/woman, a boy/man, or somewhere in between along the gender spectrum...)...."

This is simply fascist brainwashing of teachers as well as students. SOGI is intellectually dishonest and requires embracing delusions over focus.